OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/07


Provided By Michelle

Antonio: You know Nash and Jessica were running around behind my back?

Cristian: Yeah, I knew.

Antonio: How long?

Cristian: Since right before the fire got started at Capricorn.

Antonio: How did you find out?

Cristian: I overheard Nash telling Layla that he kissed Jess and that -- that Jess kissed him back.

Antonio: And you couldn’t tell me? You knew my wife was cheating on me and you didn’t think I deserved to know?

Cristian: I was going to tell you, Antonio. I swear I was going to tell you, but I -- look, I went to Jessica to confront her about it and she -- she got all upset. She started crying, telling me that -- that she knew what she did was wrong, but she hadn’t kissed Nash. I mean, she kissed him -- she didn’t sleep with him.

Antonio: Right. And so when Evangeline kissed Todd, that was different somehow. You broke up with her because of that. And yet, Jessica kissing Nash -- that was different.

Cristian: Evangeline and I weren’t married, Antonio.

Antonio: And that made it more of a crime? Think, stupid!

Cristian: Evangeline hadn’t been through what Jessica had this past year! Look, Jessica begged me not to tell you. She said that what happened with Nash happened because she was confused, because she was dealing with -- with integration, having Tess' feelings.

Antonio: Tess' love for another man, and you thought that was ok?

Cristian: She told me she loved you, man, and she swore to me that would never happen again.

Antonio: And your heart went out to her -- "poor Jessica, she’s been through so much"?

Cristian: I did what I thought was right, Antonio.

Antonio: So I went on making a damn fool out of myself "thinking" that my wife actually loved me.

Cristian: I was trying to protect you.

Antonio: How is that protecting me? It’s worse now -- don’t you get it? All this time, Nash and Jessica have been waiting to tell me, keeping this secret. I should've known before, damn it! I should've known!

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