OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 2/27/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 2/27/07


Provided By Michelle

Lindsay: Sorry for ratting you out to Viki, and in the process, I ratted out myself, and then you turn around and rat me out to Paige. Why?

Dorian: It was fun.

Lindsay: It was nasty -- and humiliating.

Dorian: Then we're even. One humiliation deserves another humiliation.

Lindsay: You got me involved in this. You wanted to break up Clint and Viki.

Dorian: And you agreed.

Lindsay: Against my better judgment --

Dorian: Oh --

Lindsay: Once again.

Dorian: You wouldn't be having such a fit if that was you sitting opposite Bo right now, would you? Huh?

Lindsay: Well, he might not be sitting with her for long if she decides to accept that job overseas.

Dorian: I'm surprised you're not out there now buying her an airline ticket.

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