OLTL Best Lines Thursday 1/18/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 1/18/07


Provided By Michelle

Spencer: Be swift, Todd. Be merciful. God, just get it over with.

Todd: There's nothing I'd like more than to kill you, Spencer. You know that. They wouldn't let me see you without this armed guard. He has orders to shoot me if I touch you. Maybe I should. Maybe I should. He shoots me, and the bullet goes through me, kills you.

Spencer: What do you want, Todd?

Todd: Well, first, I want to congratulate you on the fine job you did at shooting yourself. It was excellent work. It was -- it was almost surgical.

Spencer: Yeah. As if you would know anything about that.

Todd: Oh, really? So it was just -- just luck that you're still alive? You must not be a very good doctor, then, because a really good doctor would know exactly where to shoot himself if he wanted to die. No, I think you were just trying to buy yourself some time before they shipped you off to the bean farm. Threw you in a rubber room.

Spencer: Look, we both know that that's not why you're here, don't we?

Todd: He's so intuitive. You're so intuitive. No, that's right. I just wanted to share with you some wonderful news that I have. Of course, I'm not sure you'll find it so wonderful.

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