OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 11/1/06

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 11/1/06


Provided By Michelle

David: You know, I didn't sleep at all last night knowing that the test results would be in, and it did something to me, staying up, thinking about it.

Spencer: Yeah, I know what you were thinking about, David. You were staying up obsessing about all that money that you're imagining that I'm going to get, and I don't even have it yet.

David: I would be glad if you were Asa Buchanan's son for one reason -- because if that were true, the only thing that you and I would share is our mother. The more distance I can put between you and me, the happier I will be.

Spencer: You know, I've known since I was a teenager that we were only half brothers, but it never made me love you any less, Dave.

David: If I were tied to railroad tracks and a speeding locomotive were coming at me, you would wave goodbye, and then watch from behind a video camera.

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