OLTL Best Lines Thursday 6/22/06

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 6/22/06


Provided By Michelle

Blair: What are you doing here, David?

David: Doesn’t everybody go clubbing after they've been arraigned on a murder charge?

David: Otherwise, I'd be drinking tap water from a tin cup instead of double vodka on the rocks with a twist of lime. So, Blair, the fact that Todd is innocent doesn’t matter to you, does it? On top of that, you have persuaded Dorian to share a table with my brother, whom she hates. So what’s up with that?

Spencer: David, we all understand how much stress you must be under. I am very happy to see you fighting the charges, by the way, but that doesn’t give you the right to come in here and insult my -- Blair.

David: I insulted her? I merely pointed out that she’s sitting here with you, instead of her unjustly accused, got-the-needle-in-the-arm father of her children. Was that an insult?

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