Best and Worst Thursday 5/16/02

Today's OLTL  Thursday 5/16/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Location shots.
Bo in black & white.
Troy with Starr.
Nora singing Troy's praises.
"Can I come live here with you?"
"By golly."
"Workin out Antonio, lookin good."
"Your excuse is named Colin."
"Stamps? That's so geeky."
"Colin is not an excuse like the dog ate my paper."
"Only problem is, I don't want to."
"Gabrielle, I'd like you to stay."
"Troy, please don't go. Please wait."


Can't decide now if I want Todd back with Blair, or Tea.
How did they do a 'live' fantasy shot?
Max and Roxy married? 
"I have to leave Llanview right away."
"Blair has left you."
"And lest we forget, congratulations."