Best and Worst Tuesday 5/14/02

Today's OLTL  Tuesday 5/14/02

Best and Worst by Boo


I love Regis.
WOO HOO!!!! Tea's back!
Natalie should just slap the shit out of Jen.
Icky Vicky.
Keri finally getting a clue about RJ.
"I don't owe money to anyone."
"You wanna hire me for a bartender or a spy?"
"Why are you having Keri watched?"
"How very Todd."
"Say it you Bastard!"
"I did everything you said I did."
"I thought you and Doctor Twin were friends."


Max lying to Jen.
The glitter on Roxy's face looks like a runny nose.
"I really think I need to explain to you about Bo and me."
"Small talk's not really my thing."
"You were always a lousy father anyway, so give it up."