Best and Worst Thursday 5/9/02

Today's OLTL  Thursday 5/9/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Rotary phones still exist?
415 Huron Rd.
"Wherever Rex is, he's got his own life now."
"I'm not bluffin."
"You know what they say when one starts hearing voices don't you Alex?"
"Hey, um, good luck. I hope you find everything that you want."
"She wants me to die of a damn heart attack."
"Just say it and we'll deal with it together."
"I've been expecting you and I know why you're here."
"I think you're looking in the wrong direction."
"She was lying. Rex does live here."
"You gotta watch those voices."
"Bo, I'm gonna be completely honest with you."


"Bo is the man I'm supposed to share it with."
"I'm afraid I need so much more than a friend."
"Blair, Nellie wants her baby back."
"We're done. I'd like you to go now."