Best and Worst Tuesday 5/7/02

Today's OLTL  Tuesday 5/7/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Seeing Paloma again.
Nigel threatening Alex with his finger.
Sam and Nora getting some closure.
"Lindsey, I'm not about to discuss Nora with you."
"Ow, you bit me!"
"I'm gonna go find Dr. Schiller and find out who really saved Jack's life."
"He's the best parts of both of us."
"I'm protecting you from someone far more dangerous than Mr. Buchanan."
"Money grubbing, husband stealing, gold digging slut."
"Not if I'm dead."
"Listen, thanks for, well you know."


"I'm in here because of you."
"She doesn't like that one either. Not fancy enough for her."
"I still don't have love."