Best and Worst Friday 5/3/02

Today's OLTL  Friday 5/3/02

Best and Worst by Boo


"He's my, ummmm, your.....Jessica, he's your brother."
"How long have you had that reporter standing there?"
"Maxamillion Holden. You still sleeping with lady luck?"
"You're the only person that I can show Dave to."
"She's so crazy she married Asa twice."
"Let's go find him."
"I could blow on your dice, or what ever else you want."
"I'm not about to let another woman lie to me."
"Can't say I'm sorry to hear that."
"I figured you'd wanna know what this alley cat has been doing under your roof."


Nikki's fantasies.
"I just gotta find the perfect guy to do it with."
"Bye Natty. I love you."
"Seems obvious. Alex is Jacks mother."