Best and Worst Tuesday 4/23/02

Today's OLTL  Tuesday 4/23/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Bleach-blonde bimbo floosies.
Houston similar to Llanview???????
Star hanging her doll.
Blonde cowgirl things.
Seeing so much of Nigel.
Feeling sorry for Natalie
"I just wanna know one thing. Did you try to kill Seth and Jessica?"
"What are you doing bringing this creature to my house?"
"When you blackmailed me, we became partners."
"Now really, who would that be?"
"She's not smart enough to have planned all of this."
"Abhors - adores - both sides of the same coin."
"The banner doesn't lie."
"Since you changed me."
"This stupidity. Is it native to your people?"
"I need to go wash the Shawna off my hands."


Shawna taking on RJ.
"Oh I know. You must be looking for a new student to hit on."
"Nasty low-life parents like your father."
"You selfish no good little tramp."
"All those bad things that Jessica still doesn't have a clue about."