Best and Worst Monday 4/22/02

Today's OLTL  Monday 4/22/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Al owning up to what he did.
Natalie and Jess bonding just a little bit.
Asa busting Nikki.
"Who's this creep who supposedly did all of this to you?"
"More than twice. But who's counting?"
"Okay, for a little bit, I'll come in."
"Post non-date, getting to know each other, glass of wine."
"Hey Gilligan, can I speak to you for a minute?"
"We could even jump out of airplanes."
"Did I ask you to join this conversation?"


The doc still lying to Blair.
NIkki blowing Asa off like she did.
"Really? Me too, cause you're a jerk."
"Please, can't we help each other?"
"I'm Mrs. Manning's sister."
"Yea. You can leave me alone."