Best and Worst Friday 4/19/02

Today's OLTL  Friday 4/19/02

Best and Worst by Boo


"She has a right to know, and I'm gonna make sure she does."
"I don't care that you almost married Al. I only care that you didn't."
"That's a big problem, but it's yours."
"I need that lunatic to save my kid."
"I didn't try to run you and Seth off the road."
"What a lovely thought that is."
"Is Doctor Troy sleeping over instead?"
"You told me to shut-up sir. I'm shutting."
"Allison is setting me up."
"You're not even a mother. You're a mutant."
"Oh, don't hence me."
"You better get lost before I run you off the road."
"No, it was very nice, and you're very nice."
"He has five cars including a limousine."
"Good work Nige."


A new Seth???????
Al has some serious anger management problems.
"Keep Blair away from Jack."
"Oh no, no, no. You're not going anywhere. Not until you tell me why you stabbed me in the back."