Best and Worst Tuesday 4/16/02

Today's OLTL Tuesday 4/16/02

Best and Worst by Boo


Keri being straight up with Nora.
"Alex Olinov, where the hell are you?"
"So then, maybe you'd like to have dinner with me tonight."
"Well, it's finally happened. Christian Vega has gone loco."
"I'm talking about the fact that you can walk."
"It's hard to hear no, when you wanna hear yes."
"Hey! Weird red-headed lady!"
"Gabrielle, stop it!"
"Don't forget to write Loonsey."
"Blair's fine. She's better than fine. She's perfectly sane."


Lindsey hasn't learned a thing.
Todd telling the doc that Blair is crazy.
Clair being so obviously in heat.
Cheesy fight scenes.
"The whole world must be laughing at you."
"Alright Mr. Manning. I won't tell anyone, for the time being."
"Isn't that right goldilocks?"