Best and Worst Monday 11/12/01

Today's OLTL  Monday 11/12/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Jess overhearing Seth and Natalie arguing.
"No, I was protecting Keri."
"I'm not a dating service."
"No, I'm not letting you leave."
"How do you know what I want? Don't speak for me."
"Starr, nothing's going to get done unless we give them some privacy."
"What do you need? A cue card?"
"I'm kinda relieved. I thought Andy was a guy."
"I understand the couch is half the fun."
"Don't you dare call him your grandfather."
"Not everything is about sex, alright?"
"It's about the baby and his connection to you."
"Well now, you've got to tell me why."
"The baby was yours Todd. You, you were his father."


"What has Christian Vega done to you?"
"I love you Seth."
"I'll do whatever the hell I want Buchanan, and I mean that!"
"How did you find out?"
"You can't have him. I won't let you."
"RJ can never know this."
"I want you to go now, and take your stupid flowers. I don't need your sympathy."