Best and Worst Thursday 11/08/01

Today's OLTL  Thursday 11/8/01

Best and Worst by Boo


The eye monster on Sam's mantel.
"Well maybe I will, once they give up their obsession with me."
"Perfect excuse to not go to the funeral."
"Asa can't make it."
"It's the best offer I've had all year."
"You're kidding. That's a very bad idea."
"You did do it."
"What if he catches something?"
"He's in the tin box in the closet."
"Mathew loves your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."
"What's that snookems?"
"And then we'll go on our honeymoon."
"Can I go as a lumberjack?"
"I'm sorry. Maybe you can get the rest of it, but you can't have me. I hope it's worth it."


"I earned every cent of it taken care of that mouthy little brat."
"My grandfather just died."
"Natural causes."
"I can't stand children, I never could."