Best and Worst Monday 11/05/01

Today's OLTL  Monday 11/5/01

Best and Worst by Boo


All of Todd's proposals.
Asa's ghost.
"Well, what fun would it have been if I had to?"
"I wonder what kind of treats daddy would give me if I told him."
"I don't believe we've met."
"Do you think I'm keeping my mouth shut for that gold digging bitch?"
"And I don't know what you did, do I?"
"You can answer me anytime in the next 60 seconds."
"You didn't even do the knee thing."
"You're grounded until you're like 52. Now get out of the way."


"What feelings?"
"I do want you Al, so much."
"As a matter of fact, we held hands and he told me that he loved me."
"This time it's fatal."