Best and Worst Friday 11/02/01

Today's OLTL  Friday 11/2/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Nora setting up Antonio and Keri.
Raspberry carrot juice.
"The point is, it was her call."
"Who do you remind me of?"
"It's no use, I have to tell the truth."
"What if she gets sucked into his world?"
"I loved Asa because he wanted me to be happy."
"I can catch some spiders while I'm up there."
"It's from David Vickers."
"I want you to find out about her."
"You'll each have your own separate squad cars."
"And I never forgot that I'm Asa Buchanan's son."


Now that Jen has lost her virginity, they are going to have just sleep with everyone?
Rene hurting so bad over Asa's death.
"Hank Gannon is not exactly what I would call decent."
"Oh Bo, it's so awful. I killed Asa."