Best and Worst Thursday 11/01/01

Today's OLTL  Thursday 11/1/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"That's just it. He wasn't my half brother. He was my full brother."
"He was. He was perfect for me."
"You haven't done a thing RJ. I did."
"There's something we can't put off any longer."
"Don't say anything, and don't you tell me you're sorry."
"There's no way Max could have been the father."
"Creative uses for judges chambers."
"I have never been mistaken for a clairvoyant."
"If you want the house treated as a crime scene."
"I'm gonna see what Al has to say about this."
"Such a sensational ring."
"If I can't tell RJ, how can I tell her?"
"You two having an affair."


"Nothin's worth havin to deal with you."
"What do you mean my father's dead."
"Now you are no better than he is."
"Promise me that we won't tell daddy the truth."