Best and Worst Wednesday 10/31/01

Today's OLTL  Wednesday 10/31/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"I sleep with my mouth open?"
"Why don't I believe you Lindsay?"
"She was stealing them. I saved her from a life of crime."
"The voo-doo lady was right."
"That's a low blow."
"You wanna be mad at someone Starr, be mad at me."
"We beat it."
"Jen you're an amazing person."
"Lookin for somethin?"
"I'm gonna declare this day a Lindsay free day."


"Let the old reprobate rot."
"Maybe you should believe what Christian said."
"Time of death 11:31 a.m."
"Star, the baby died."
"I meant what I said. You're dead to me."