Best and Worst Tuesday 10/30/01

Today's OLTL  Tuesday 10/30/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"Oh, that's easy. I'd say that I don't believe you."
"The day Holden gets arrested for murder."
"Tell me. Who's the mystery woman."
"Oh my God. The trailer trash is rich."
"All of you together aren't worth one Jessica. No matter who her birth parents are."
"You have lost your damn nerve."
"No, I can't leave him."
"If we don't act quickly, Asa will."
"We're gonna stop him before he stops me."
"Fine! From now on, you're on your own. I'm out of it."


"From now on, I'll be answering to the name of Natalie Buchanan."
"That's when I take care of Max myself."
"You are just like your brother."
"You will regret it the rest of your damn life."
"She's still the same stuck up snot she's always been."
"You'll help me because I'm a Buchanan?"