Best and Worst Monday 10/29/01

Today's OLTL  Monday 10/29/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"Oh you damn right. It's hilarious."
"After what my brother put you through, it's the least I could do."
"I can tell you where to put it."
"Don't you go getting cuter on me while I'm gone."
"Is there anything that happens to you that isn't someone else's fault?"
"That's Doctor Ethics to you."
"I'm gonna bounce him off every damn wall in this mansion."
"And please, take it personally."
"I just gave the little brat a bottle." "Of tequila?"
"I would do anything for you. Anything. All you have to do is ask."
"From his mother, who thinks the same thing."
"Oh come on, look at this face. Can you really tell?"
"Does this mean we're breakin up?"


"Revenge usually is. That's why I'm gonna see to it personally."
"Go away and take the kid with you."
"I fell for everything he said."