Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Wednesday 10/24/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Seth turning to Carlotta
"I'm not mad at you, I promise. Just please say something."
"Come, Poloma show you baby."
"I'll send a gift to Blair. Is she still at the same address?"
"I don't do one night stands."
"Well, I'm the real cop."
"I have to find out what I can do to get her out of my house."
"Did some completely deaf, dumb and blind lady leave you with him?"
"How can I ever accept her as my child?"
"We don't have anything doing between us."
"Great, now you can go back to the sixties."
"I just hate being forced to lie."
"But, how do I get over her?"


"Hey Uncle Bo. I was wondering when you would stop by."
"I love Antonio but, with women, he's trouble."
"I don't want to hear what you can and can't deal with."
"He's gone, and he's not coming back."
"I don't have to leave this house ever again, and I can prove it."