Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Tuesday 10/9/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"There's something I have to come clean about."
"No, and you're stealing my line."
"Hey, leave my guts outta this."
"You're giving me way too much credit, okay?"
"Exactly what is going on here?"
"Damn it Nora, for Mathews sake, this can't go on."
"Then what is the problem?" "You are!"
"It's okay that you lied, because um, I've been lying too. And now that's all gonna end."
"Who couldn't love me? I'm cuddly."
"You do not belong to Jessica. You belong to me." "What did you just say?"


"Don't lie to me! What's wrong with my son?"
"Well it's official Allison. You're a free woman."
"I had to learn all about him from scratch."
"Next time that line around her neck will be red. Blood red."
"The man you were talking to, it's Ben Davidson. Vicky's husband."