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Today's OLTL  Monday 10/8/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"Buenos dios."
"The rest of my life has long golden hair and it smiles."
"I just heard what's going on. Are you two out of your minds?"
"Are you threatening me now?"
"Read this. That should explain everything."
"I always have been daddy's little girl."
"I'm here to save your life. It's time for you to get out of town, and boy do I mean right now."
"As usual, you're right again."
"As a matter of fact, tell your flat-foot brother all about it."
"I will give you the truth, if you can handle it."
"The truth is that you still want me."
"We must continue this cat fight another day."


Where did Rene go?
"No, and he doesn't want to even though he's my father."
"That makes Vega my problem, and I'm dealing with it permanently."
"You got everything you wanted Todd."
"I'm back where I started. Just a child without a father."
"I'd like you to come as soon as possible. It's important."
"Bo, I'm dying."
"I want us to get married right away."