Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Thursday 8/16/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Seeing the old set of Llanfair.
"You get your hands off her."
"The answer is absolutely no way."
"Here's to slipping through the cracks."
"Feisty little devil, huh?"
"Her sanity."
"Should I be getting scared?"
"All I want is your love and your trust back."
"I will make every effort to stay away from your family Mr. Rappaport."
"I'm sure you'll flirt so much better without me."
"Well, you're not welcome."
"Rae, that's a name that I hoped I would never ever hear again."


Seth blaming the elevator thing on Will.
"Dangerous would be an understatement, yea."
"If he has half a brain, he'll get out of Llanview before he ends up like his brother. Dead."
"You are worse than your brother."
"Of course, Max will have to marry you from prison."