Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Friday 8/3/01

Best and Worst by Boo


The look on Lindsay's face when she sees the live feed.
Seeing Nigel again.
"Hey guys, check out what hottie is doing now."
"Let me hug all the bad stuff away."
"Asa bought you for himself didn't he?"
"See, told ya they were idiots."
"Cut the bull Lindsay."
"In time to kick you out?"
"I think it's time for us to start over again."
"Yes, you heard it here first."
"Emily Post. Is that that girl you were hangin with in class?"
"We just had a new shipment of lobsters added to the tank."


"It's for me to know and you to never find out."
"But then everyone will know about it."
"Oh my God, it's from Colin."
"Oh God Sam, I put you through hell."