Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Monday 07/30/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Seeing Gabby's claws come out again.
Rhonda, the new maid.
"You really are crazy aren't you?"
"So, what else has she told you that she hasn't told me?"
"What else, of course, it's Will."
"He is so emotional."
"It wasn't concern, it was morbid curiosity."
"Thank God. You know this is definite proof that there's, maybe, kind of, might be a God."
"No. No it's not a reporter. It's Sam."
"Ah, it's a phase, she'll grow out of it."
"I accept it, it, it, that Blair, Blair loves me."
"Roses are red, love is blue, and whatever you think of me, I think the same of you."


"She's with him isn't she? Stupid Max."
"Why not, it's working for you."
"You could have fooled me." "It's easy to do dear."
"Yes, I'll marry you."