Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Friday 07/27/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Christian Alejandro Vega
"Good afternoon Mrs. Rappaport."
"Well, it's a pretty good imitation."
"Ha ha, well, you were doing something with those tongues."
"Oh really. See, I think I can. Watch this."
"Spelled your name right and everything. S A M, right?
"You're in my apartment, ma'am, and I don't remember inviting you."
"The less I see of Lindsay Rappaport, the happier I am."
"Please, with a mother like you?"
"I'm starting my own 12 step program."
"Don't tell me, cause I'm cutting down on red meat, cholestoral, and Lindsay Rappaport."


"Truth's finally out." "She told you?"
"How could I ever compete with you."
"You slap her, she slaps you back twice as hard."
"Half of the magic of a movie." "Is the theater of it."
"My shifts got canceled."