Best and Worst

Today's OLTL  Thursday 07/26/01

Best and Worst by Boo


The new Dr. Ruth.
"How would you like me to react, catatonic?"
"They could just call it coffee with steamed milk."
"When I lost my heart, I lost everything."
"To saw soca." (sp?)
"Hmmm, got a death grip on that denial."
"No, I'm not gonna give you a break, I'm gonna give you a wake up call."
"Except Christian's love life is going a lot better than mine right now."
"Oh, so that's what happened to it."
"What are you gonna do? Buy him a bullet proof vest?"
"Oh Lindsay, you need some serious help."
"At least she didn't show me how to use them."
"You're the champion." "Yes I am."


Lindsay, the morality police.
Blair's stupid plan to marry Max again.
"Hey guys, mind if we crash the party?"
"Because he's a no good criminal who's about to sleep with my daughter."
"You're coming with me."