Best and Worst

Today's OLTL Monday 07/23/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"Hey stranger."
"Plus, they never eat pink munchies for breakfast."
"It's what Todd's always wanted, he loves you."
"Every now and then, he's the man of my dreams."
"You know our Todd. Never blows a chance to blow a chance."
"Because nobody does stupid stuff down there."
"Guess what! It just got worse."
"Only if I find one hotter than you."
"Hate is great Vicky, you should try it sometime."
"Looks like I walked in on a Banner exclusive."
"In other words, Lindsay is keeping them hostage."


Lurking strangers.
"Oh, well that's terrifying." "Thanks." "Yep, so does he have a name?" "Dad." "Oh, that's wonderful, Daddy."
"You know when somebody loves you, really loves you, they love every thing about you. Including your family."
"Maybe he did, but it wasn't my choice to make."
"At first, I couldn't get myself to focus on Colin and now I can't get rid of him."