Best and Worst

Today's OLTL Tuesday 07/17/01

Best and Worst by Boo


Hillary and Erica's acting today.
"You know, you didn't leave me any other choice."
"This old place is pretty neat."
"Nothing, except Todd."
"Okay, you're not allowed to talk to Auntie Vicky anymore."
"This isn't security, it's a pay off."
"No one expresses themselves like Todd does."
"I even get mad at your father sometimes, but he's family and so I always love him, and that will never change."
"No Roseanne, I think we're staying."
"You know why I didn't, you know!"
"You are such a blind fool."
"I love him, and I wanna be with him."
"Starr, I love you."
The sound of pure evil.
"Don't talk, just listen. This is what we're gonna do with Blair Crammer."
"I don't think you're gonna like it Starr."
"He was lying at the bottom of the stairs. On the floor."
"Starr come on, let's go!"