Best and Worst Monday 7/9/01

Today's OLTL Monday 07/09/01

Best and Worst by Boo


"Sunshine, that was her name."
"Are you out to clear Sam, or to convict Lindsay?"
"You are keeping a secret. A dark, terrible secret."
"Don't try and con a con man."
"Save the Charles Dickens, okay? I've read the book."
"I do, I know."
"This secret is about death."
"Why? Her father dresses like a nun."
"You know, you know there was death on them stairs."


"And I would be more than happy to get out of this mausoleum if you would get the hell outta my way."
"Some need the fear of God put in them."
"It's what woke me up, his laughter."
"You tell me where Starr is, or I'll kill you."
"Nora said horrible things about me in that courtroom and I am never gonnna forgive her."
"Not to late to make the potion. Too late for you."