Best and Worst Tuesday 7/3/01

Today's OLTL Tuesday 07/03/01

Best and Worst by Boo

Seth confessing to Jess.
"Your parents don't need a love potion, They're already in love."
"She really wants a pet Python Blair."
"These bones are broken"
"Doesn't anybody in Llanview ever knock?"
"Bo might thank me, he might even help me bury your body in the woods."
"Bad move." "Quiet Starr."
"Lindsay, don't you dare lay that kind of guilt on my daughter."
"That nasty lady hurt you?"
"Well, it's a reality entertainment"
"Mom, get your story straight."
"I want you to back off Sam, and I want you to back off now or you will live to regret it."
Everyone just congregating in the ladies bathroom.
"Either way, things don't look good for our family right now."
"It's hot, who wants to join me in the pool?"
"I'm sorry your honor, it's just that we were married for years, and we have two children together, and I didn't know that he was a murder."