Best and Worst Thursday 6/28/01

Today's OLTL Thursday 6/28/01

Best and Worst by Boo

Nora reassuring Sam that he is a good father.
Betty Boop cups.
"I'm not your daughter." "For that the lord has smiled upon me."
"Go see Sam's briefs."
"I want you to wave your magic wand and turn him into a toad."
"Such a wicked child. It's hard to imagine the two that put her together."
"I have to stop this witch hunt." "Cause you're the witch?"
"You know what this place needs, is like a directory, like with an X, like a mall."
"Sometimes it's just too easy."
"Because my mom, she kept telling me how much it was gonna hurt our whole family."
"You couldn't pay me to be near you." "That's not what I heard."
"When you wanted my millions, all you did was 'pretend' to be pregnant."