Best and Worst Monday 6/25/01

Today's OLTL Monday 6/25/01

Best and Worst by Boo

Jenn trying to tell the truth.FINALLY!!!
"Blair, how much more of my stuff are you gonna break?" "I don't know Todd, I guess we'll know when it lands."
"Not yet, but I hope to soon."
"So when do you outgrow a fairy tale?"
"Well, I tell ya, the next time I barge in on you, I'm gonna give you a little more time."
"How the hell could you ever let that little filly get away?"
"Count on it. I'm the first person you'll see, I promise."
"I'll see you in the morning, whether you wanna see me or not."
"Alright, well let's do it now because I got nothin waitin for me at home."
"Yea, I guess you can't trust anybody."
"That's just the beginning. I never want to see you again."
"You're still the same old Todd you always were and always will be."