Best and Worst Friday 6/22/01

Today's OLTL Friday 6/22/01

Best and Worst by Boo

Best: The love potion lady"That's great, you have so many to choose from."
"Yea, you seem to be well ventilated."
"That's okay, I enjoyed every minute of it."
"I feel terrible about what happened to her." "You should."
"Please don't make me laugh. I do not want to exert myself in this heat."
"What passed between us that night was something so special, I've never forgotten."
 Worst: Jenn's lame attempt to 'find' her necklace.Evidence that the defense knew nothing about.
"I feel like I'm up there with him."
"Leave my son alone. I did it. I killed Colin."
"She's gonna hate you more than she already does."