Best and Worst Thursday 6/21/01

Today's OLTL Thursday 6/21/01

Best and Worst by Boo

Finally seeing Max conned so well, instead of Max doing the conning.
Bo's advice to Nora.
"I have a hunch that this marriage is over before it has begun."
"It was Will? Oh my God, it was Will."
"I don't know if you know it but, uh, the trees are sprouting clothes here."
"Any idea where I can get a quickie exorcism?" "I know people who know people."
"I know this, you're not gonna push me away."
"The only thing you can be right now, is his lawyer."
"Sam Rappaport is innocent, and he should go free."
"It means that I have to tell everybody who murdered Colin."
Sam and Ben arguing.
Roseanne and the voodoo lady again.
"Yea, if I do that, if I do my job, if I get Sam free, it'll destroy him."
"NO! No, you tell Nora and you are not my brother."
"Perhaps there is something I can do."
"I'd flip you a buck on the corner if that is what you asking."