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by Julie

There is so much happening and yet I don't have much to say.  This show disappoints me in so many ways its even hard to start.  I mean this Spencer guy- either tell me what the heck his secret is or get rid of him because i don't think there would be a way to redeem him if they tried. Alrighty now that I am on to how I feel about Spencer..I have to rant about him. I think that perhaps he is more vile than Margaret and Margaret was absolutely a looney tune. I mean this guy runs around making people have heart attacks, making them sterile, having people pass out in the snow and the list goes on because if I sat here and recounted every single bad thing he has ever done than I would have no life and that absolutely will not do. Alright lets get on to the rest.


I feel the writing for him is an injustice. I mean Dan Gauthier is one of the most talented actors out there and here he is being wasted because they have backed Kevin into a corner. I mean first Kelly couldn't have children and now she can but Kevin is sterile. I think that the people over at OLTL must hate one of my favorite couples because it's endless torture all around. As for Duke's how do I put it I won't even dignify it with the word Infatuation I will go with crush on his father's fiancee I find it utterly disgusting. There are plenty of women in town and if you want an older one why not chase Blair I mean his dad had her too why not try her since she's bed hopping like a rabbit looking for carrots.


Sick SICK SICK SICK to death of this. Spencer is slime and so is Blair for that matter. who sleeps with a guy who she doesn't really like right after their fiancee is sentenced to die for something he didn't do. Gosh everyone I realized what Blair is....ALL Aboard the Blair Express..the town train and everyone's had a ride.


I am just tired of this. IF I hear little miss figment of my imagination telling Nash how much she loves him and then throwing him out one more time I might puke. I mean Where is Jessica? Where's the girl who isn't a skank even while pregnant? Where the heck did Antonio go. Someone put "Ness" in the bad couples and let's move on.


Cristalie is so tired out that it's like flatlining while being electric shocked and pronounced dead. I am up for some Cristian/Evangeline because I am not a fan of RobotCristian or "Im all that and everyone loves me and I know it" Evangeline. So put them together and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. As for John and Natalie? I want them back together Stat. I mean what he did was bad and I am the first to say let's smack him on the hand and then curse him out for an hour or too, but enough is enough. The man is sorry and at least John hasn't faked his death.


ICK!!! The Pyscho and the Career Criminal...what is this GH?


Booooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnng. I had more fun when I was ripping sheetrock and wallpaper down in my dining room. So you tell me if he's boring and has no purpose.


She's like the worst character ever. I loved her when Kimberlin Brown the original Paige played her and now I am just like what the heck and who's this? I mean we are on our third Paige..pretty soon she will be in Carly from GH territory.

Rex/Adriana- I love them. They are the cutest thing ever. I think they give the show hope and it's like when you are watching a horrible movie and get to the part where the movie actually gets good and you are hanging on every moment. I loved them today where they were all nervous around each other. Adorable! Better than the snoozefest that was Adriana/Duke


Get a clue man your girlfriend is an airhead and she lies a lot and your pretty darn stupid if I do say so.


Wake up already! God!


I want to see if One Life puts them back together because I am loving NUClint. I don't think I was expecting to but I do and I think that he and Viki have wonderful chemistry.


Please reunite them because I want to see more Tuc Watkins.

Forgetting people I am sure...Now as for the most missed character(s) for me for this month? I am missing Jen, Flash, and Riley.

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