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by Julie

Lately on OLTL I have been sometimes happy, and other times gagging. First, I want to say that some of the couples are misguided:

Tess/Nash- I don't like them, maybe because I love Jessica and Antonio. The whole problem with these two is that they are never going anywhere because Tess isn't a real person. Everyone who knows her seems to think she's her own person, face the facts people, about "Ness" as they're calling them. Tess is a figment of Jessica's
imagination. DID!

Layla/ Antonio- Not a real couple, but still eew. She is a hoochie! She's a Snoop and she ain't even that good-looking. Earth to Antonio, use some of the Santi money and buy yourself a clue. I know you love Jamie and want her back, but uh, this is ridiculous.

Marcie/Michael/Hugh- What the heck is this? Marcie and Michael should be together-- I know it, you know it, the fans know it, and still we have watch to this pansy Hugh hang out with her. I want to gag at the writers. The whole thing with Michael was that Al's soul was inside him. Well, get some of it out in public, STAT!

Evangeline/John/Natalie/Cristian-I have nothing against Renee Elise Goldsberry. That being said.. I HATE EVANGELINE. The actress is fine, like I just said, but she and John are as boring as wet paint. I think that John and Natalie belong together. This Cristian-is-back-again-thing is stupid! It was better when he was dead. He isn't the Cristian we remember and love. He is a killer and he is just always mopey. Someone clear Evangeline and Cristian away quick!

Rex/Adriana/Duke- Duke and Adriana are a wonderful couple when Duke isn't busy at BE. But he neglects her more than he's with her. I'm beginning to think Rex and Adriana would be a better couple. She wouldn't have to worry about Dorian with him.

Kelly/Kevin- I have one word: DORIAN!. The writers need to have Dorian leave Kelly and Kevin alone. They're good.

Blair/Todd- They are good when he isn't killing people, but I hate Spencer.

Margaret- She's nuts. I mean, it's sickening to listen to her squeal. I have to mute the TV when she's on. "Me and little T.J." YUCK!. First she rapes Todd, then she tries to kill Blair and frightens Starr. She is like a house of horrors.

David- needs a love interest who isn't more interested in Spencer than him. For example, Dorian is one he has now. She seems to have the hots for Spencer. Hook David up with someone good!

Make the show better-- well, that's hard to do. I wish they hadn't killed Jennifer, Al or Sam in past years. But R.J. and Lindsay make me gag, and so does the thought of Bo and Nora. Been there, done that.

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