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The WAR Room, Part 1
By Soapstruck

For this column, I thought I'd take a look at some rumors, spoilers, and speculation about the direction our soap is heading. Not just any rumors, mind you! No, I'm just going to look at what I call Wild Ass Rumors (hence the WAR Room title). These are rumors that make their way onto message boards but for the most part are not from magazines, online columnists, or any reputable source. They are stuff that people either made up or are speculating on based on their opinions or their wishes. A note on storyline rumors: even the most reliable sources are wrong at times. The magazines get their scoops and spoilers from the networks themselves, but storylines frequently change mid-stream. Online columnists get their information from various sources-it could be a relative of someone with ties to a show; it could be a landlord of a soap star; it could be someone with an agenda; it could be someone who proofreads the magazines before publication; it could be someone who delivers sandwiches to the studio. But the true wild ass rumor seem to come out of nowhere and that's where they usually end up too. Here's some of the latest batch making the rounds:


Carlotta will be killed during the Santi family wars. Her diner will be taken over by Marcie's father who will sell his diner in New Jersey and move to Llanview. Likelihood: Not real high. Someone is supposed to be killed during this storyline but since Carlotta is a recurring character and can be shelved when the occasion calls for it. (A month or so back, rumors were swirling that Carlotta would be Viki's heart donor forgetting that Carlotta, herself, had a heart attack a year ago. And if it's time for Papa Walsh to come to down, there's always Crossroads.)

Cristian didn't really die but is in witness protection.
Likelihood: Possible, but not likely until Natalie and John are established as a couple and another obstacle is needed. And since Flynn the character who supposedly killed Cris is dead, I'm not sure who he'd need protection from unless someone figured out a Santi link.

A new character-Tico Santi-is being introduced and will be a love interest for Jessica or Jen.
Likelihood: There is a new character coming with this name and he certainly could end up with Jessica (although that would mean she was involved not only with brothers Cris and Antonio but also their cousin). As for Jen, she seems to interact with every guy under 30 in Llanview but from what I can tell, there has been positive reaction to pairing her with Riley.

Viki will be on a vacation at the end of the summer and will come back with the patriarch of the Santi family who wasn't killed after all. This will set up a clash with Dorian who was of course married to him.
Likelihood: Viki does not have a history of falling for bad guys so unless this guy is really misunderstood, it doesn't seem likely. And it would mean Dorian and David would break up which I refuse to contemplate!


It will be disclosed that Al was the first victim of Dr. Long regarding the organ theft.
Likelihood: None. Not at all. No chance. I will eat this column if this is ever mentioned. And I know Al doesn't really belong in rumors about the McBains but their really isn't a Holden placeholder anymore. .

As part of the Love-House summer storyline involving several of the young people in Llanview, a gay college student will be introduced who will bond with Marcie. This will cause Michael's homophobia to surface and cause conflict in their relationship.
Likelihood: Supposedly there is a gay student and there's probably a good chance he will bond with Marcie. But I think Michael's homophobia was just a stupid plot device to make Marcie hate him initially. The last this was addressed was when he told Marcie he was “down with the gays!” I don't think anyone wants to make Michael an unsympathetic character by assigning him this baggage-not to mention he has Al's soul. If the student is in the closet and confides in Marcie, and Michael mistakes their closeness for something else, that could cause a conflict but I just don't see them going for Michael as a homophobe. It really would be a deal-breaker for Michael-Marcie.

Eric Walsh will be forced into a marriage by his father but the wedding will be broken up by the gay student (see previous WAR) in a scene reminiscent of The Graduate.
Likelihood: I haven't noticed any great enthusiasm by ABC for gay storylines. While head-writer Michael Malone seems to be fond of borrowing movie plots, this really stretches credibility.

Caitlyn didn't really die but is in witness protection somewhere.
Likelihood: Cristian is more likely to return from the dead.

Ron Walsh will be a love interest for Jessica.
Likelihood: I'd love to see more of Ron but he's on maybe once a month?


Kelly, Kevin and Todd will be involved in a custody battle involving Ace and the Chandlers from All My Children.
Likelihood: This would seem likely at some point except for Todd's involvement in the wild ass rumor.

Adrianna will become pregnant with River's baby.
Likelihood: I hope not. This would be Jessica-Will redux. Adding to the ickiness is that Adrianna is River's aunt by adoption.


Joey will return without the collar and seek revenge against Jen.
Likelihood: He was just back with the collar and didn't seem particularly interested in revenge.

Ben didn't die but is in witness protection somewhere.
Likelihood: I made this one up but returns from the dead seem to be a classic topic for WARs.

Heard any wild ass rumors you'd like to share? Send them to me at and I'll put them in a future column.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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