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The storylines gracing our presence this spring, and upcoming summer are, well, good! I am not downhearted, or miserable at all these days with my favorite soap, oh no I am back to anticipating, yelling at the TV screen, and pulling my hair out again. Why you say? Because that's what soap operas do to us! And that's why I watch them because if they are able to make me crazy, then obviously the show is good. After the humiliating music box killer storyline, which I cannot believe I once said was better than days of our lives killing story I think we are finally coming back into the drama, and action that soaps bring in. Hooray!

Viki's heart --

Viki is literally the rock of Llanview. She seems to know everyone, does everything, and somehow manages to have lunch with her daughters, and worry about her sons. Amazing! I was actually quite content with just seeing her wander around Llanview speaking to her children, but unfortunately the writers just had to do something to bring us to the edge of our seats with Viki's heart condition. This storyline is not only very powerful, and will involve the whole Buchannon/Lord family, it will probably bring a lot of special bonds to the family. Dorian's part in this is terrific! I think if anyone should tell Viki what is going on with her, and her condition at whole it should be the woman who she's known for so long, and probably the one she truly trusts the most. I hear this storyline will bring back in the great Clint and good ole Joey, I look forward to seeing them again! Also, there's Todd. Todd and Viki have a twisted sister and brother relationship that no one can begin to unravel to understand however these days the love Todd shows for his sister shows that these two share a deep bond, love, and friendship. I look forward to seeing this play out.


I do not like Kathryn. Let me repeat that: I DO NOT LIKE KATHRYN. Can someone please explain to me why it seems she slurs her words? I have heard from botox to lipo suction, one of them have to be it. Kathryn is obviously an annoying distraction to keep the relationship between John and Natalie from progressing. Paul, who I honestly believe is in two many storylines these days, is out for Natalie's money, and that's pretty obvious. I guess who I truly feel for right now is Natalie. John is not making things easier for her, he seems to like her wants to help her, but when Natalie gets close he runs off like a bunny rabbit. Why is this happening? Don't we got through this with Blair and Todd enough? I want to seem them together, put them together then break them up. At least I can say I liked them together at one point. As for Paul and Kathryn? Well, they deserve each other.


Anyone see a small, very small chemistry there? I know many of you are going to say Todd and Kelly? No way! Blair and Todd forever! Well, not me. I love those two, but I wouldn't mind seeing Todd move on with his life, and this newly formed connection with Kelly just may do it. I have been reading rumors and none of them speak about Todd and Blair reuniting. HOWEVER, a few say that Kelly and Todd will grow closer as the baby switching story continues, and Todd continues to help dear Kelly. Will Todd start helping Kelly because he actually cares, or is it just to continue to keep Kevin from finding out? I hope Todd does actually begin to care about Kelly, never know what could happen from that!


Now, I still think this River/Adrianna story is pointless, but I have taken a liking to the little Adrianna! Lately, her fears about River leaving her for Shannon has shown that she just like all girls, wants to hang on to their loves the best way they know how! Obviously Adrianna thinks sex is the answer. I liked David trying to discourage her from losing her virginity, and I like this vulnerable little girl who is afraid, but willing to do anything to hang on to River. I think she has potential without River, not with him.

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