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by Sharon

What is going on?

Kyle and Kay? The SIB? Kathryn? This must all be some mistake because OLTL couldn't possibly think we were going to like this newest SL. I think this is the worst storyline yet! And to think I said I couldn't sit through the Adriana/River story. I could sit through that 10 times over then the Kathryn crap. There has been rumors flying (and not from any sources, just this woman who's been going to every soap message board) saying that Kat and John will become an item. People have been enraged by this because this woman obviously doesn't know anything about the short history between John and Natalie. All of us Jolie fans are anticipating a pairing besides this Kathryn woman doesn't even have a contract! And to add to the cake she's Caitlin's sister! So don't count on these two to become a couple. As for this storyline, please end it!


On the subject of Natalie I want to sorta address her now since so many people are not liking her at this time. Natalie came to Llanview a girl out for revenge because she thought that her real mother and father didn't want her. She was very demanding, cruel, and just and overall witch. She learned to be nice and sweet, caring, that sort of thing. However a series of events lately have brought her back to her feisty self. I truly do not blame her for going after Jen at Ultraviolet. I do think that she should stop going after people, but Jen needed that brawl. I think Natalie and John will make a fantastic couple someday, but let's hope it doesn't end before it starts.

Marcie and Michael

Marcie and Michael are supposedly one of the favorite couples in Llanview, but I am having a hard time getting use to the Michael guy. I will always see Al, no matter what happens. I do like to see these two together otherwise because Kathy Brier and Nathaniel Martson are incredible together, always will be. I do think that Marcie and Michael will become boring to us if they push the couple on us like they're doing now. Al and Marcie took things very slow, and Marcie and Al didn't even make love until about two weeks before he died. That's the kind of relationship I like to see. Marcie and Michael have already had sex, only after dating a month. That's not the Marcie I know. Also, Marcie is in danger of flunking out of college? It's disturbing, but I guess reality. She has been carrying a heavy load on her shoulders lately. Whatever the writers have in store for these two I guess I am going to have to live with. I still, of course, love these two. They are the brighter parts of Llanview.

Todd and Blair

I couldn't end this article without mentioning my two favorite people: Todd and Blair. I am still sticking to my theory that these two may never get back together. Yes, we may see the small simmers of hope on the screen now, but I honestly believe that hope is all there is. Blair has finally realized that she needs Todd, but not to love, only to be there to help her with Starr and Jack. I hope Todd sees this eventually, and does move on. I was tickled pink when Blair seen Todd with the accountant at Capricorn, and her reaction when he kissed her. It confirms my belief that Blair still has strong, though deep feelings for Todd that will never go away. They can both love each other deeply, but living and trying to express that love to each other is the hard part. No matter how many times she blames Todd, it's her fault too. I am very, very disturbed by Starr's internet guy, and what she plans to do with him. I hear this is going to push the Manning family closer as they deal with Starr's runaway and her internet experience in general. Kristen Alderson is growing up so fast I can hardly believe my eyes! I remember seeing Todd carry her around, and now he doesn't even have to lean so much to give her a hug. She's looking so grown up, and beautiful! I hate to see her grow, but can't change that can we?


I am so sick of this story. I want it to end, it's ridiculous! I heard rumors that this story will not drag on as long as planned, and that the truth will come out sometime in May. I'm glad about this because OLTL and AMC are not happy about these switches.

Until next time!

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