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by Sharon


         Things seem to keep getting worse in Llanview as couples split, people continue to die, and heartbreak and anger feeds the growing fire. I love it! Don't you?        


         The unthinkable has once again happened. This week, Blair accused Todd of rape. Now, I thought that there would be an accusation, but not exactly a real trial, and possible sentence. However, it looks like the writers have decided to do this whole storyline through, and we viewers have the sad punishment of watching it. Blair has been on a destructive path ever since she found out that the man she married, was her ex-husband Todd Manning. I, and so many others think that Blair should have simply got a divorce and be done with it. But that sorta thing never happens on soaps, especially to Todd and Blair. Do I think that Todd raped Blair? Absolutely not. I am going to stick by my opinion until the very end of this story. Todd has had rape in his past, a rape that he actually did commit, but I just really doubt that he would do it again, especially to the woman he loves.

         I believe some of Todd's part of the story, but I only believe the first portion of Blair's side. Yes, she was being chased around the house by Todd, but Todd never laid a hand on her to physically hurt, or abuse her. No, I don't think that Blair just up and kissed Todd to start off a rough love making scene. Maybe they were wrestling, and that wrestling became heated passion If Todd was guilty of rape, he would have went to Arizona like he told Starr, and never be seen again. Blair, however, I am not so sure of. Blair slept with Kevin earlier that night, then slept with Todd (I am saying voluntarily slept with him for now ...only my opinion, remember that.) maybe she realized what Todd suspected, and that was that she still loved, and felt something for Todd even when she is blinded completely by her hate for him. Maybe she felt nothing, had no feelings for Kevin, but felt love and desire with Todd, something that she has never ever felt the same way with anyone else. That could have drove her to spit out the accusation, she wanted to hate him, not love him. Also, there is Dorian who persisted, and insisted that Blair call the police even though she had no idea at the time what had happened. It could be possible that Dorian forced her to lie, who knows. I am not going to put too many theories up in the air, I would, however, love to hear your own side to this story. So, if you want to e-mail me and tell me what you think, go ahead!


         Troy was arrested this week, after holding Jessica, Natalie, and Lindsay hostage. I am not saying that Lindsay felt she was a hostage, but in a way she was. I am going to stick to my story that Troy is not the MBK. I hope that another victim is found while Troy is in custody so that they can realize that Troy may have been telling the truth. I just don't think that the writers would point all leads to Troy, it wouldn't make much sense. I do think that there is more than just a series of killings to this killer. Whoever this killer is, wants to see revenge at all possible costs. The killer must have either A.) Been a past patient of Troy. B.) Known him well , and hated him. C.) Be Troy himself in a split personality, or unstable state. or. D.) Needed someone to blame? Whatever it may be it is sickening to see Troy accused like this. Yet, things seem to be moving at a rapid pace now that Troy is in custody.


         So what is going to happen to that 30 million dollars? Did River marry Adrianna? I want these questions to be answered soon so that this River/Adrianna storyline can go away! I am so sick of this story, but I do enjoy watching the scamming between Dorian and David. It is a nice change to what we've been seeing lately.

         February 14th is arriving quite quickly, and Al has only a few short weeks to get Marcie to fall in love with him. So far, it doesn't look all that prosperous, however I have heard that some wonderful things are in store for us viewers this coming Valentines, so I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

         Remember to set your VCR's for the upcoming scenes with Ben and Viki as Mark Derwin returns one final time to wrap up things with Ben. I am dreading this, but I look forward to seeing Mark in his old hometown for a while.

  I am exhausted, which is why I didn't write as much as I wanted. Have a lovely week everyone! -- Sharon

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