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by Sharon


         What can I say? The New Year's week proved to be both disastrous and successful for many people this week. Lindsay's "Starting over" party was wonderful for her, and I am quite pleased to see her acknowledged and respected! I am a big fan of Lindsay, and I love the fact that she is trying to rebuild her life. Michael gave Marcie a New Year's kiss that Marcie will never forget, that's for sure. I am hoping she will give Al another chance.   And let me begin now by saying that I believe Troy when he says it's not him! I don't know if Nora believes him, but I am quite happy that Troy confronted someone. And, yes, sadly, the Music Box Killer (MBK) took a beloved character.


         We saw the final happy moments of Gabrielle in Bo's arms during the New Year's celebrations. However, we know now that Gabrielle has became a victim of the MBK. This is going to rock Bo, Nora, and Al (who is in Michael's body and will have to pronounce his mother dead at the scene of the crime).   I can imagine this is going to be a very emotional week, so please get ready to pull out your tissues.         

I have loved Gabrielle from the start and will truly miss her. She was a loving, caring, person who would have done anything for the people she loved. I really don't know how Max is going to take this, losing his son and the woman who he has loved for years who just happens to be the mother of Al, all within months of each other. Of course, we are not going to know just exactly how he will handle his grief, but I am sure it will be heartbreaking. I hope that Fiona makes her way on to another soap and puts as much acting into a new character just as she did with Gabrielle.

         Todd/ Blair

         Alright, folks, I plan on adding in tidbits about these two until they both get boring, which isn't happening any time soon. Everyone seems to be buzzing about this fantastic couple, so let me get to what I thought about the scenes this week.

         Blair was absolutely amazing this week when she confronted Todd. Now that's the Blair I know! That's the Blair who would have done that the first time she found out. Screaming, yelling--it was dramatic and purely amazing! Kassie DePaiva did her part, and she did it well,! Trevor St. John who is a godsend, acted on cue, and responded and acted just like Todd Manning would have, and I loved it! These two great actors can really brew a storm together, and now I make it official when I say that that they couldn't have picked a better person to portray such a difficult, twisted character. Now . .  what happens next? Most of us are trying to figure this out. I know that I am not liking Blair one bit right now, but I think I understand why she is doing this. Any woman who has been to Hell and back with a man whom she loved dearly, and just wanted some peace for once, would react somewhat like Blair. Yes, we the viewers see Todd, and say "I would have been angry, but I would have been understanding." Understanding? Not me! That is a very big betrayal, and it really can blow someone literally to the top.

         I also see Todd's point of view. No one can or ever will love Blair like Todd can. He absolutely adores that woman, and I know from the moment he first saw her he's been trying to please her and make her happy. Todd not only came back from the very last breaths of life, he changed his face (which not many would do) and picked up another identity, not just to fool people, oh no, but to get back the woman he loves. I happen to think that it just can't get any more romantic than that. Blair has been listening to Kevin and Dorian, who were never big fans of Todd, and it has blinded her. Now all she seems to see is a man who continues to make her miserable. What she needs to do is to look at her two beautiful children. Those children are the answers to her problems. Starr, for one, LOVES her father. If Blair keeps her away from him, Starr will definitely make her own decision and choose to live with her father. You cannot play with children's emotions.

         This rape story line, which will begin this week, ladies and gents, is going to do exactly what I predicted. Not only is it going to split the Cramer women, Buchanan family, and whoever else involved, straight down the middle, it is going to bring some horrible pain to a man (Todd) who has been fighting for many years to erase that part of his life. I am awaiting some more amazing and dramatic scenes that should be coming this week, but I am not looking forward to this storyline.

    Kevin/ Kelly

         I am so disgusted with Kevin right now; he is really only thinking of himself when he goes on and on to Blair about how "good" they can be together. As much as I am not liking Blair right now, I do agree with her when she says that there is nothing between them.   I think this just may be the first woman to officially turn Kevin down. I don't see any future for these two, which is good. As for Kelly, I am happy she found her tongue and spoke her mind on Friday. I am rooting for her and hoping that she gets to tear Kevin to pieces. With the upcoming rape storyline arriving, I am afraid this may tear the Cramer women apart for the time being. I honestly don't believe Kelly will believe that Todd would rape Blair.


         Who else wants to slap Jen silly? I have not been happy with Jen for a while. She can't seem to get her life in order and always depends on someone. I did like the way she tried listening to Marcie, but playing this new game with Rex will get old soon. She needs to make a decision: does she want to, or not want to, be with Rex?

         Dorian and David were the only bright moments this week. I adore them both, and I was happy to see them help each other out. I really hope that David sticks around for a while and that things heat up between him and Dorian.

         I heard some fabulous news the other night! Mark Derwin will return to finally end the "Ben and Viki" storyline.  He won't be staying, of course, due to his other show, but we will finally see a closing, and maybe Viki can move on with her life. I am not eagerly waiting for this, because I know as soon as I see Ben with Viki, I am not going to want to see him leave.         

That's it for this week -- yes, this was a long article! I had a ton of things to say this week. I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. Take care, be safe.

-- Sharon

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