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OLTL Review
by Sharon


       Last week wasn't much of a change from what is happening today. Blair is still set on getting her revenge even with her Aunt and Kevin telling her to think twice about it, Todd is struggling to keep up with the game, but is trying to make things right by attempting to explain to Blair who he really is, and why he did it.  Also we got to see a few laughs with our beloved David Vickers and dear sweet Dorian! And of course let's not forget the music box killer . . .

Troy? MBK?!

    I have been studying Troy and his behavior, and trying to figure out if he could be the one doing these murders. The startling theory proposed by Antonio that all the killings somehow are tied to Nora did make me actually get a little interested into the music box serial killings. I am very skeptical about Troy being the MBK. I just don't think our writers would kill the suspense so fast, and I have been searching around sites and came to notice that no one believes it is Troy either, and other theories are being put on the table each day. I have seen people propose Daniel Colson - to John Mcbain himself, which wouldn't be bad suspects but we all know that it would be too wild to pull. I don't have much of a theory at this point. It could be Troy, or it could be Colin ...? Yeah I know that's way off the top, but I find myself wondering more and more everyday. I just hope it's not Troy, Ty Treadway needs to hang around OLTL  a little longer.

        Dorian/ David Vickers!

     Bring it on! I have been waiting to see these two pair up again ever since David made his return, and from the way things are moving I think its gonna happen! Dorian and David are working together to defeat Paul and grab that 30 million dollars that Dorian truly believes belongs to her, and in a way maybe it does. The last person I would want to see that money with is Paul who has this mysterious past. However, I am enjoying the crossovers with Paul and Babe. I haven't watched AMC in ages, I quit watching about 3-4 years ago so I do still recognize most characters.  So so far I do enjoy watching this story line.  I was absolutely delighted with seeing lovely Opal and her wise cracks, and I hear Adam will be making an appearance in Llanview, I look forward to seeing that too. As for David and Dorian romantically I think that they may just give it another shot. David seems to be liking more than just Dorian's money these days, so let's hope they find each others hearts, and not each others wallets.

         Adriana/ River

     Oh when will this end already?! I can't take it anymore! I am starting to get upset with just seeing River mope around the house. How long has it been? At least 3-4 months now, and he is still going on and on about Adriana. At first, I heard that Adriana had been completely written off, and there would be no more Adriana/River, but just a few weeks ago I read somewhere that they are now looking to cast the role of Adriana, once again.  I can't barely stand to see this storyline, but I guess they are going to drag us through this. The only thing I want to see out of this story is what awful little secret do Dorian and Carlotta have hidden away. Whatever happens to River and Adriana may it happen quickly, this really is a useless storyline.


     So what are your comments on John and Natalie? So far I like the closeness these two have shared since Christian's death, and I am glad that Natalie no longer blames John for Cris's death. I am really hoping that these two find each other somehow, and I hope that Natalie picks up the pieces and moves on. We will all miss Cristian, that's for sure.

         What ever happened to that memorial service by the way? And where is the body? Now they can't say that a body was never found because I remember Antonio saying that he identified it, but the thing about soaps is that writers love to switch things around quickly. So I guess there will be no body, and no memorial service. We all cried enough already with Al so I guess it was just too soon to do it again.

         My little Starr has gotten so mature! I was so happy to see her give her father advice on what to do. We have seen Starr go from bratty, to intelligent in just a few short months. She is definitely her daddy's daughter.

         That's all this week! Merry Christmas and remember to check the soap schedule so you don't miss any episodes this week.


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