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OLTL Review
by Sharon


It feels just great to be able to write columns for my fave soap, and I hope all you readers enjoy what I have to say! This is opinion oriented, so I assure you that you can always disagree, or strongly agree to whatever I write. I plan to write this column at the end of each soap week to reveal my thoughts and feelings on everything that's going on in Llanview then hopefully your week can begin with my commentary! Remember I love getting e-mails from you all who want to comment, so feel free.

Llanview . . .

Llanview seems to be heating up as the holiday season comes into play the story lines in place right now are enough to keep me glued to the screen along with the incredible acting skills! When I first heard that Tracy Melchior had been let ago and that Days of our lives star Heather Tom had taken the role I was a bit skeptical. I did grow to like Tracy and I was surely going to miss her, but when Heather Tom finally made her debut, and clearly showed that she was and could be Kelly Cramer Buchanan I was intrigued! Heather Tom has already won me over and I can't wait to see her progress on the show. Michael Ashford was another face that seemed to fit right in. I keep thinking that maybe he might go after Jessica. Its no secret that I never liked the Antonio/Jessica pairing, and I want to see something stirred up between them and since there has been rumors that Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) may not renew his contract with the show that seems to be a wonderful way to start a beginning of the end for Jess and Antonio.

Todd is alive!

We viewers knew that Todd was alive for months now, but this week we got to see Blair put two and two together and discover that indeed the man she thought was Walker, is Todd. I was a bit upset with her reaction to the whole thing, I am a big fan of Kassie DePaiva so I was sure she would go on a blood hunt once she found out, but nope she shed a few tears, went over what to do and what not to do to Todd and came up with a decision: she would take her own revenge. Now I don't know how this is going to play out, so far it seems like Todd is not stupid and will realize that Blair already knows who he really is. I don't like reading spoilers, but I read a preview the other day that disturbed me greatly. ( if you don't like reading previews/spoilers either please don't read the rest of this section) Blair supposedly sleeps with Kevin, and to keep Todd for using that information against her for custody of their children, she lies and says he raped her. Not only is that sickening for me to hear, it is also a great storyline! We all know about Todd's amazing past and with his rape of Marty a few years ago so of course this will bring back a lot of painful memories for him and the rest of Llanview. I even read somewhere that Marty may return, so who knows! I am very sure that this may divide Llanview straight down the middle.


Finally! Joe sees how batty his wife really is! Don't get me wrong I like Jen, she seems like an interesting, complicated character and I also like the Jen/Rex pairing. I do feel sorry for Joe who has to go through the pain and heartbreak of losing his wife to another man. . . again. This is even worse because the man she went to was his worst enemy! It seems that it continues to get worse and worse for our dear Joey, but hopefully some happiness may come his way soon. I remember hating Rex when he first came to town, and hating him even more for his badgering of Jen, but now I see a different Rex. A Rex who is crazy in love with Jen. He obviously sees what the rest of us don't, and that's potential. I think Rex will take good care of her, and for once Jen can be happy.


Did you or did you not love the cliffhanger on Friday? It was splendid! I nearly jumped two feet in the air when I seen that red leotard wrap around Jen's neck. I don't believe that Jen is the next victim of the MBK, but we shall see in the upcoming episodes . . .

I didn't mention the MBK in my commentary this week simply because it's not very exciting at this point. The victims are minor characters that none of us would care if they died or lived anyway so it's sorta dragging at this point. I do believe that things will heat up soon and with the rumors spreading around that Gabrielle will be the next victim, and our first major character to succumb to the MBK. I will miss Gabrielle. She was a great character who I believe could have stayed on the show, there was plenty of storylines she could have gotten wrapped up in.

I am NOT enjoying the "heaven can wait" story with Marcie and Al, or is it Michael? It's very frustrating and it seems that Marcie has gotten on with her life with no Al in the picture even though Al is in Michael's body. I do enjoy seeing Luna, and I just hope this story wraps up soon.

Natalie is slowly but surely leaving the dark room she locked herself into. I know it will be awhile before she gives in and starts to date and live a normal life again, but it's nice to see her come alive again. I also was a bit shocked to see her keep the Jen/Rex secret.

That's all for this week! Have a great week, and watch OLTL!

-- Sharon

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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