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One Life to Live Articles

So... This is Life in Llanview
Week of August 11- August 22

Rushing Into Love

We all know that couples that get thrown together normally don't last, then again most soap couples don't last despite how long they take to get together. Still, to throw Jen and Joey into marriage after she just got divorced and without them knowing each other completely is plain stupid.

I really don't like Jen, but I like Joey. He had a good head on his shoulders, a good heart, and well upbringing. We all know Jen is a crazy person and I don't completely by her changing at the drop of a hat because what she's feeling is true love. She claimed to feel the same thing for Cristian and the threat at happiness she turned to plots and schemes.

Setting that aside though, how am I suppose to enjoy a couple that really haven't shown the public a connection. So they slept together a few times, big deal. Have they had a real date? Have they discovered everything about the other, like what their favorite food is or their favorite color?

Until the writer write some depth to this couple, in my opinion they're just taking up airtime when other developed couples (like Natalie/Cristian, Gabrielle/Bo/Nora, Asa/René, etc.) To continue their flourishing romances.

Tough Love

The Jessica/Antonio/Keri triangle has me sometimes enthralled and other times wanting to switch the channel. We know Keri wants Antonio, Antonio wants Jessica, and she wants him. What I don't understand is why Keri thinks that after everything she put Antonio through he'd just forgive her and forget the past. What's even more surprising is that she thought he'd not seek condolence in someone else's arms.

She was supposedly dead, he had ever right to look for understanding in someone else's arms and he had even more right to be angry when it was revealed she's lied to him to keep his daughter Jamie away because of what he and her mother did. Now, because he won't get back together with her, she's taken away his daughter until he reunites with her.

It's true what they say, hell hath no fury like a scorn woman.

Untitled Feelings

Marcie hasn't had it very easy ever since she first appeared in Llanview as Jen's lackey. Body image issues and her current peace situation have led to the recent sorority hazing. I really felt bad for Marcie. She's a good person with a good heart and her relationship with Al changed the way super couples were normally viewed as perfect size one models with beautiful looks and maybe every once in a while soul and brains.

Sure Marcie's not the typical skinny person, but that's why I liked her more. Almost every teen/twenty something person on soaps was a size one to size five. No one outside of that parameter was really accepted or if they were, they really didn't have stories that showcased the trials and tribulations they went through.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a size zero myself, and I'm not hating on other size zeros. I'm just saying it takes a lot more guts for some size sixteen or size twenty to do stuff like get into bathing suits or even think about sex then it does the regularly sized population.

I like what the writers are doing, keep it up!

What's In A Name? What's In A Identity?

Promos keep saying, over and over again, that Walker could be Todd. I would like that idea, really, if I didn't think it was so ridiculous.

Sure, all clues point to that theory that Todd may have changed his identity and face to win back Blair, and in the soap world anything is possible, but all true Blair/Todd fans (like myself) wouldn't accept this.

Walker may have things that Todd last possessed, but their maybe many reasons why that's possible. Todd disappeared once without a trance and returned later, safe and sound. His exit this time around, was just as mysterious and unpredictable as he is. Isn't it possible that he disappeared some where and will return someday?

I'm not giving up hope and other Todd/Blair fans won't either. If the writers make it so that Walker is really Todd, I'll hate it. Only one person can ever play Todd and he's right now on another soap.

That's all this week, tune into to One Life To Live next week to find out what's happening next.

-Melissa M.

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