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Family, Love, and Unity
Week of August 4- August 8, 2003
by Melissa M.

My Wonderful Brother

Ever since Kevin came back into town, his relationship with all his siblings hasn't been that tight-knit. I changed my mind though, when he tried to bribe Rex out of his sham of a marriage to Jen so she and his brother can connect.

It was very nice of his to do something sweet for his brother, especially after he (Kevin) stole Kelley away from his brother. Still, the sentiment warmed my heart. It's nice to see siblings helping on another out in matters of the heart, like Natalie tried to do for Jessica. Even if Joey was not satisfied by how is brother came about getting his beloved's divorce.

If You Mess With My Man, If You Mess With My Girl

Kelley staking her claim on Kevin is completely understandable. They're married, they have a long and complicated history together, and they fought a lot of obstacles (Joey) to be together. She has more then ample reason to defend her property.

Walker, on the other hand, has absolutely no reason to stake a claim on Blair. She's told once and again that she's not interested, nothing going to happen, and yet he continues to seek her out. I understand that he likes her, many men do, but you'd think he'd get over it after being rejected so many times. Nope.

Now, two seem forming silent pacts to break an possibility of Kevin and Blair getting together or trying to squash an attraction the two share. As Kelley urges Blair to try things out with Walker, Walker tries to find proof of Kevin's cheating ways while sowing seeds of doubt in Kelley's mind.

If those two were to team up and actually search for solid proof, as opposed to just speculating about Kevin and Blair's relationship, they'd see the truth and be able to come up with a counter act.

You know what the songs says, “If you mess with my man, I'm be the one to break it to you...” Find out the what's going on Kelley and solve the problem before you lose your husband.

Family Matters

I think is was so wrong of Marcie's brother to stop by and tell her to not follow her instincts. She is doing something positive, even if lots of people disagree. Her family should support her decisions not threaten to disown her if she doesn't do what they want.

All the great, remembered people of the world did things people hated. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, just to name some. Now, before you jump down my throat, I'm not comparing their great fights for equality to Marcie's case. I'm just saying, they faced everything Marcie's facing now and they made a difference.

I support Al for supporting Marcie. I support their life like relationship and the fact that Al loves her for who she is. What I hate is the fact the writers are going to break the couple up. Everyone loved them, why break up a good thing?

Rumors are flying that Al and Marcie's passion to have peace will cost him his life. (NO!!!!) We all know Nathaniel Marston has been let go and that Kathy Brier is going to be busy with the Tony award-winning musical Hairspray, so is a Marcie/Al breakup to be expected?

Young And In Love

Both River and Adriana are relatively new charters on the Llanview canvas. She first appeared when her godmother Carlotta threw her a sweet fifteenth (quinceañera) and River was dropped off in Llanview to visit his father (Father) Andrew.

I think they're kinda cute together and I think they'd make a good couple. You've also got to consider that they are the only two teen in (reel) Llanview, if they aren't together who they going to be with? Starr, Mathew, Jack?

I think the writers should add more teens, atleast one or two more so we can have a triangle!

My fav scene with the two though, is when River snuck into Adriana's bedroom. Kinda reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.

Soon To Be Married

For a couple who's planning a wedding, we haven't seen much of Natalie and Cristian on our sets. Could it be that the writers are slowly removing them from our view because the rumors that David Fumero is leaving are true?

Personally, I could never see anyone else playing Cristian or having as great a chemistry with Melissa Archer, as David has. If it's really true that he's out and they're bringing a new guy into to sway Natalie away from the love of her life, I'm going to be so upset!

Parting Present

I never quite like Rex or Jen. There marriage was supportable in my opinion because they were both alike in very way. Their divorce, was the best part.

 Rex is one smart man. I'll give you that. How brilliant was it for him to demand Jen to strip for him or he'd sell her father's house. Then, how hilarious was it for him to ask if they could hit the mattress one more time before they split. I'm going to miss Rex and Jen (John Paul Lavoisier and Jessica Morris)'s marriage. They kinda made a good pairing, don't you think?

That's all this week, tune into to One Life To Live next week to find out what's happening next.

-Melissa M.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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