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Opinions by Brooke
For week of July 21st

This week on One Life to Live was definitely more exciting than the last. Let me start by talking about the now evil Dr. Troy. This guy is totally off his rocker and I will be happy to see him go, since we already know he has been let go from the show. The question remains how will his character say farewell. My guess is he will be locked away at Statesville or some far away mental hospital.

What is going to happen to Troy's victims, Lindsey, Jen and Gabrielle? I say Lindsey will be let off the hook and be able to step out into the real world and away from St. Anne's. Jen will be rescued by Joey and that will probably bring them closer, which is probably a good thing since there is no one interesting enough to pair him with at the moment, but as we know Kelly is own her way back to town. That could have some interesting results considering they were once husband and wife.

Kelly's sneaking husband, Joey's brother Kevin, is totally up to something with Blair, who happens to be Kelly's cousin, so this is a family thing and I can't wait to see how it plays out.

What the heck is wrong with Gabrielle? She had a good thing going with Bo and she had to go and wreck it by going back to her old ways by being deceitful. I thought that would happen sooner or later.

My opinion is that One Life should go back to the couples of old: Bo & Nora, Max & Gabrielle. There is still magic there and maybe viewers are not tired of these duos.

The New couple that I really haven't taken a liking to is River and Adriana. I think they are just the usual teenage couple where good girl must stay away from bad boy. It's the typical forbidden teenage love that happens every summer to bring in new young viewers. Then when fall returns so do some of the older characters. Although I have to admit, One Life does a good job of keeping a good mix of characters young and old on the canvas. A healthy mix of ages, races and faces make for a great show.

Have you guys heard the latest rumor that Walker Lawrence is actually Todd Manning? I know that I was just talking about the character of Todd in my article last week. I stated that No one could replace Roger Howarth as Todd and I still believe that to be true but if Walker really is Todd he is doing a pretty good job of it so far. I have been watching him closely and I have observed that he is trying to pick up on Todd's mannerisms. There are some other clues that lead me to believe that Todd really has had plastic surgery, such as Walker being willing to help Jessica with his brother Mitch's murder. Why would Walker help a niece he barely knows murder his own brother? He would if he was Todd because He is very protective of his Family and he would definitely be willing to help out Jess if she were in trouble because she is Vicki's daughter. He also has taken up residence in Todd's penthouse and started working for The Sun so you know this guy has got to be Todd. I totally don't believe the story he told Starr about him knowing her dad.... HE IS HER DAD!

Now that we know what really happened to Mitch, is Jessica ever going to get over it? Why doesn't she just confess to having played a part in the whole thing? She should say that it was self-defense because to tell you the truth it probably was. It's time for murder in Llanview to come to an end. It's been drawn out long enough. I am glad that Antonio's actions show that he really does have feelings for Jessica because I wasn't sure if the writers wanted him to still be in love with Keri. As I have stated before, I really do hope that the writers explore the possibility of an Antonio & Jessica relationship. I think it would bring in viewers and keep people that already been watching glued to there sets. I think they could be the next OLTL super-couple.

I am so glad that daytime has expanded their limits on what stereotypical couples are supposed to look like with the pairing of Al and Marcy. There are so many different types of people out there in the world. We are not all super model gorgeous and tooth pick skinny and it is about time daytime realizes that. I, myself have a disability called Cerebral Palsy and there are really no role models out there for people who are physically challenged. I really commend One Life to Live for the diversity of their characters and someday I hope that are people on soaps and other shows that come from all walks of life that way everyone can be represented. I hope you tune in next week and come back here to see what I'm raving about in my next article.

Till then have a great week and enjoy One Life.

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